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Small Town Texas

Tiny Texas Towns Afford Visitors Big Fun


Small Town Texas


Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce
Although major Texas cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio draw the most attention - and most visitors - don't overlook what smaller Texas towns have to offer. Many of these bergs offer one-of-a-kind events or festivals, unique or historic landmarks and homes, and ambiance that just can't be beat. And, luckily for visitors, many of these small treasures lie within a short distance of a major center.

Around the Austin area, for instance, small towns such as Wimberley and Fredericksburg offer small shops, art galleries and restaurants in a cozy atmosphere. Close to San Antonio, Boerne has similar points of interests, as well as some unique bed and breakfast operations. And, not far from Dallas, Canton is world famous for its monthly Trade Days. If you're going to be in the Houston area, don't miss dining along the Kemah waterfront or heading to nearby Wallis for a little antique shopping.

Of course, those are just a small sampling of the small towns with something to offer Texas visitors. And, that isn't including any of the 'Ghost Towns' such as Helena, which is located a short drive outside of San Antonio. There are hundreds of such deserted town sites across the state, many of which still have homes, stores, cemeteries or other structures still standing.

So, while you certainly will want to see the Alamo in San Antonio or the State Capitol in Austin, don't miss out on some of the small towns that truly flavor the Lone Star State.

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