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Historic Texas Towns


Having been ruled by six countries, including its own sovereign government, Texas has a diverse and interesting history. Much of the history that shaped the Lone Star State took place in towns that are relatively small by modern standards. So, visitors looking to get a feel for Texas history should hit the backroads and visit these tiny towns.

1. Gonzales

Known as the "Cradle of Texas Independence," the tiny town of Gonzales still celebrates its prominent place in Texas history today.

2. Goliad

The site of one of the most infamous battles of the Texas Revolution, Goliad is a top spot for history buffs traveling through Texas.

3. Port Isabel

Danno Wise
Originally known as "Point Isabel" this seaside town and its famous lighthouse date back to the early 1800s.

4. Nacogdoches

The oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches, was originally a Spanish settlement. Over the years, Nacogdoches has blended Southern hospitality with its Spanish heritage to make it a uniquely "Texas town."

5. Presidio

Presidio means garrison or fort in Spanish, which is what the town of Presidio originally was in colonial times. Amazingly, tiny Presidio hasn't grown - or changed - that much over the years.

6. Floresville

Floresville is a popular spot for history buffs. This tiny South Texas Town features a number of historic landmarks and buildings - many of which are still in use.
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