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Mission, Texas


Mission, Texas
Mission Chamber of Commerce

Mission Overview:

The historic South Texas town of Mission, named for the La Lomita Mission, is home to the annual Citrus Festival, world-class birding, Winter Texan events and more.

Mission History:

Mission can trace its history back to the late 1700s, when Rancho La Lomita, site of the La Lomita Mission, was formed. The town of Mission was eventually named for La Lomita Mission. The general area of Rancho La Lomita has been continually inhabited since that time, although the actually township did not form until the early 1900s. Football fans across the United States recognize Mission as the hometown of legendary Dallas Cowboy football coach Tom Landry.

Mission Hotels:

Best Western Las Palmas Inn, 956-583-9290; Indian Ridge B&B Equestrian Center, 956-519-3305; Texan Guest Ranch, 956-686-5425

Mission Attractions:

Mission is full of historic sites - churches and missions in particular - that attract many visitors. However, history is hardly the only attraction. Outdoor activities are a big draw. In fact, Mission is considered the hub of Texas birding. Mission is home to the World Birding Center, Bentsen State Park and several other excellent birding locations. Mission also boasts four quality golf courses and is located near the Los Ebanos Ferry, which is the last hand-drawn ferry on the Rio Grande River.
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