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SPI Kiteboarding

SPI Kiteboarding


SPI Kiteboarding
Air Padre Kiteboarding
Thanks to its consistently strong and steady winds, South Padre Island has developed into one of the top kiteboarding destinations in the United States. Due to its mild weather, South Padre Island is a true year around kiteboarding destination, attracting kiteboarders from across the country who often find ideal conditions in both the shallow Laguna Madre Bay and the beachfront waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

In recent years, kite boarding has become such an integral part of South Padre's tourist industry that a number of support businesses such as Air Padre Kiteboarding have cropped up to support both visiting and resident kiteboarders. In addition to selling kites and other equipment, Air Padre also offers lessons for those looking to break into the sport.

The popularity of the sport in Deep South Texas has also spawned an annual event, the South Padre Island Kite Roundup, which is held each spring. During the event, there are equipment demonstrations, amateur competitions, professional exhibitions and more.

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