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Houston Astros Head to World Series

'Stros First Texas Team to Appear in the World Series


This week will be a historic one for the city of Houston and the state of Texas. For the first time ever, Texas will have a participant in the World Series. This historic first-ever appearance in the “fall classic” for a Texas team was secured when the Houston Astros downed the St. Louis Cardinals to win the national league pennant.

Although the first two games of the World Series will be held in Chicago, the two teams return to Minute Maid Park in Houston for games 3-5, to be played on consecutive days Oct. 25-27. Although the vast majority of Houston baseball fans won’t be able to buy a ticket at any price, there figures to be plenty of places to watch the game in Houston’s entertainment district. And, regardless of the outcome, the Astros and their fans have already claimed a major victory by virtue of being the first team to represent Texas in the World Series.

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