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Dallas' White Rock Marathon

Unique Event Combines Music and Fitness


Dallas' White Rock Marathon

Photo Courtesy of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

TX Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Held during the peak of the holiday season, the White Rock Marathon challenges Texans to take part in a healthy pursuit at a time when most folks are putting on pounds.

Of course, you don’t have to be a marathoner to ‘Run the Rock.’ This event, which has become a Dallas tradition, also offers a 5k run, half marathon, and relay marathon. Additionally, there is a pre-race pasta dinner and a post-race party featuring live music and an awards ceremony.

The annual Marathon Fitness Expo, which is held at the Dallas Convention Center, is also a popular stop for participants and spectators alike. And, of course, the most unique aspect of the White Rock Marathon is the music. During the weekend, more than 40 bands are scheduled to perform, including a live band at almost every mile mark during the marathon.

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