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Ghost Towns in Texas


Over the years, many towns have sprung up across Texas. Not all of these towns survived. Today Texas is littered with "Ghost Towns," each of which add a little to the legend and lore of the Lone Star State, many of which have become popular tourist attractions in their own right.

1. Indianola

Once a leading port on the Gulf Coast, Indianola was ravaged by two powerful hurricanes in just over a decade. As a result, the remaining residents moved inland, leaving Indianola to the tides.

2. Cryer Creek

Once a bustling little town, Cryer Creek is yet another victim of being bypassed by the railroad. Although not technically "dead," the population of Cryer Creek has been less than 20 for over 30 years.

3. Helena

Once part of the rowdy "Old West," it is rumored a gunfight ultimately "killed" Helena when a wealthy rancher's son was shot down and the angry father persuaded the railroad to bypass Helena.

4. Dodge City

A real "Old West" town right here in Texas. Although only two cabins remain, Dodge City is still the site of 1800s-style gunfight re-enactments.

5. Fort Griffin

Once used to offer protection to North Texas settlers, Fort Griffin is now a state park maintained by Texas Parks and Wildlife.
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