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What is Texas' most popular natural attraction?


Question: What is Texas' most popular natural attraction?
Since it covers such a large geographic areas, Texas takes in several distinctly different regions. Each of these regions have their share of impressive natural attractions. But, what is Texas' most popular natural attraction?
Answer: Texas' varied terrain lends to many dramatic natural features. Each year thousands of people visit several different natural attractions in the Lone Star State. The Big Thicket in East Texas has towering trees. Palo Duro Canyon is often referred to as the 'Grand Canyon of Texas.' Enchanted Rock is registered as a National Natural Attraction. The Hill Country boasts several caverns. Padre Island National Seashore features miles of isolated beaches.

However, without a doubt, Big Bend National Park is Texas' best known and most popular Natural Attraction. Located right on the Texas/Mexico border in West Texas, Big Bend derives its name from the winding path the Rio Grande River takes in that area. Designated as an International Biosphere Reserve, Big Bend offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities - all in a primitive setting

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