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Where can you see bluebonnets bloom?


Texas Bluebonnets  Just south of Dallas, TX. March, 2012.
jeffpang/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
Question: Where can you see bluebonnets bloom?
The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. This particular flower was selected in large part due to the vast fields of bluebonnets that bloom each spring throughout the central portion of Texas. Over the years, the wild population has been supplemented with planted parcels of bluebonnets. So, if you're looking to see blooming bluebonnets in Texas, what's the best spot to look?
Answer: During spring, fields of bluebonnets can be spotted throughout central, southeast and east Texas. Many of the state's major highways are lined with bluebonnets and other wildflowers during this time of year, making for memorably scenic drives.

However, if your sole purpose is to see sprawling fields of blooming bluebonnets, the Texas Hill Country is the place to be. In addition to having wild fields of the Texas state flower, there are a number of farms in the region. Additionally, towns such as Fredericksburg, Wimberley, Kerrville, Burnet, Marble Falls, Llano, and Kingsland all have bluebonnet festivals or trails during the spring.

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