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Texas Train Tours

Spring Flowers Are Viewed Best From Historic Trains


Texas Train Tours

Texas State Railroad

Rusk Chamber of Commerce
Spring weather in Texas is generally mild, making for excellent "sightseeing weather." To further the appeal of taking a spring sightseeing tour are a pair other elements: blooming flowers and historic steam engines. When you combine the three, you have the makings of a truly unique spring afternoon.

In fact, the Texas State Railroad in the Piney Woods is officially part of the Dogwood Trails Celebration. Running between Palestine and Rusk, the Texas State Railroad uses steam engines to run the rails just as they have since 1896. However, instead of moving timber and other cargo, these days the Texas State Railroad takes passengers on a scenic trip through the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Austin is one of the most popular spots for tourists visiting Texas in the spring. One of the best ways to see the Capitol City and the surrounding Hill Country is via the Austin Steam Train. Of course, wildflowers are in bloom across the Hill Country during March and there is no better way to view them than out the windows of the 1916 Southern Pacific steam engine used by the Austin Steam Train organization during their tours. The Hill Country Flyer tour, which includes a lunch layover in Burnet, is one of the more popular among those wishing to see the countryside covered with Bluebonnets and other wildflowers. But, whichever route you choose, there is little doubt you'll enjoy this little step back in time as your roll across the railways.

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