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Fall Vacation Ideas in Texas


Autumn is a wonderful time to visit Texas. Beyond the seasonably mild weather, there is a variety of events and activities to keep visitors to the Lone Star State busy during the fall season.

1. View Leaves at Lost Maples

Danno Wise
Most people relate fall foliage and the “changing of the leaves” to the eastern portion of the United States. However, portions of Texas actually see dramatic changes in foliage coloration. Lost Maples State Natural Area in the Texas Hill Country has the most vivid fall leaf coloration in the state. Although the "peak" season is from mid-October through mid-November, area accommodations fill up fast so those hoping to tour the area this fall are advised to make plans early.

2. Attend the State Fair of Texas

Danno Wise
Running for 24 days through late-September and early-October, the State Fair of Texas is the largest fair and stock show in the state. During the nearly month long event, everything from live music to carnival rides and good eats to art shows are offered. Of course, the highlight of the Fair is the annual Texas-Oklahoma football game.

3. Tour the Texas Renaissance Festival

Although the Texas Renaissance Festival is most often associated with October, it begins the last day of Septmber and runs through most of November. Visitors shouldn't miss an opportunity to attend this eight-week theme park.

4. Experience an Oktoberfest

Texas has a rich German heritage, which explains the numerous Oktoberfest events across the Lone Star State. Anyone who enjoys German food, drink and music will certainly want to make plans to attend one of these events.

5. Take In Houston's T-Day Parade

HEB Parade
Having kicked off the holiday season in the Houston area for nearly six decades, the HEB Holiday Parade has become as much of a tradition in southeast Texas as Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas lights. Although the parade has changed names over the years, this is still the largest and longest running Thanksgiving Day parade in Texas.
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