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From Gulf waters to Big Bend mountains, big cities to ghost towns, state-of-the-art attractions to historic museums, Texas has something for everyone. However, since Texas is such a vast state with so many options for visitors, it is helpful to do some advance planning to make sure you get the most out of your Lone Star State vacation.
  1. Major Texas Cities
  2. Regions of Texas
  3. Texas Event Calendars
  4. Seasonal Vacations in Texas

Major Texas Cities

Texas is a vast state, full of small towns, historic landmarks, state parks and other attractions that draw visitors year after year. However, believe it or not, the majority of first-time visitors coming to Texas head to the major cities. Whether for business or pleasure, Texas’ largest cities offer visitors plenty of option.

Regions of Texas

Geographically speaking, Texas is the second largest state in the Union. Planning a vacation to such a vast land mass can be overwhelming. In order to make planning such a trip easier - and the subsequent vacation more efficient and enjoyable - try thinking of Texas in terms of a collection of small regions, rather than one large state.

Texas Event Calendars

Texas has a variety of fun and exciting festivals, celebrations and events. And, due to the largely mild year around

Seasonal Vacations in Texas

Texas is a broad state that encompasses several geographic regions. Each of these regions experience the four seasons of the year a little bit differently and thus offer dramatically different activities for visitors throughout the year.

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