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Where to Stay & Eat in Texas


From quaint lodges and bed & breakfasts to high-rise condominiums, Texas offers a variety of accommodations for visitors to choose from. Additional, cities and towns across Texas offer an impressive array of restaurants.
  1. Hotels & Condominiums
  2. Texas Resorts and Bed & Breakfasts
  3. Lodges & Cabins
  4. Dining Options

Hotels & Condominiums

From downtown high-rise hotels to beachfront condominiums, there are a variety of available accommodations for every taste across the Lone Star State.

Texas Resorts and Bed & Breakfasts

Texas is full of attractions and has plenty of things to see and do. However, sometimes the best vacation involves taking things at a slower pace and allowing yourself to be pampered without having to travel great distances to take part in activities. If you like having everything you want right at your doorstep, one of these Texas resorts or B&Bs may be the place for your vacation.

Lodges & Cabins

From the bays of the Gulf Coast to the lakes of East Texas and the rolling hills of Central Texas, there are a variety of lodges and cabins available for outdoor-minded visitors to Texas.

Dining Options

No matter where you find yourself staying in Texas, you'll likely be close to a variety of excellent dining options. From fine dining to small, smokey BBQ joints, Texas offers something for every taste.

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