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Texas Zoos


Few people realize the quality of zoos found in Texas. From Brownsville's Gladys Porter Zoo on the Mexican border to the illustrious San Antonio Zoo to the one-of-a-kind Texas Zoo in Victoria, there are a variety of settings in which to view native and exotic wildlife in the Lone Star State.

1. Gladys Porter Zoo

Brownsville's Gladys Porter Zoo first opened its doors in 1971. Since then the zoo has garnered international acclaim for its impressive list of species and unique exhibits.

2. San Antonio Zoo

One of the largest zoos in the nation, the San Antonio Zoo houses over 3,500 animals, making it a must see for kids and adults alike.

3. Houston Zoo

Located next to Hermann Park near Houston's famed Medical District, the Houston Zoo has been giving Houston area residents and visitors close-up views of exotic wildlife since 1922.

4. Texas Zoo

Located in Victoria, the Texas Zoo is dedicated to the "conservation of Texas fauna and flora" and has numerous displays showcasing native Texas wildlife.

5. Austin Zoo

Formed in 1994, the Austin Zoo has grown every year since its formation and now draws over 200,000 visitors annually. Keeping with its primary goal of introducing kids to animals, the Austin Zoo is family friendly and has a number of exhibits and attractions specifically designed for the little ones.

6. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a 400-acre drive-through safari located in the Texas Hill Country, just outside of San Antonio. The ranch showcases a variety of indigenous and exotic species.

7. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

This 1,700-acre wildlife center, located in Glen Rose, is dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered and threatened species. Visitors can view over 1,000 animals from their own car or on guided tours.

8. El Paso Zoo

Few folks realize this border city is home to one of the most impressive zoos in the state. Don't miss your chance to see it while you're in town.

9. Dallas Zoo

Founded in 1888, the Dallas Zoo is Texas' oldest zoo. In addition, its 95 acres of displays makes it Texas' largest zoo in terms of land mass.

10. Ft. Worth Zoo

Visitors to the Ft. Worth Zoo will be transfixed by its wonderful exhibits, ranging from Raptor Canyon to Koala Outback, and attractions such as Tasmanian Tower and their virtual safari.
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