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Texas Lakes for Water Sports


Texas has plenty to offer water sport enthusiasts. Whether you prefer skiing, jet skiing, boating, swimming, diving or snorkeling, there is a perfect lake to spend time on the water while visiting Texas - which is a perfect way to beat the Texas heat. If you just can't decide which one to visit, try one of these top Texas lakes for water sports and recreational boating.

1. Lake Travis

Created in 1941, Lake Travis is over 60 miles long, winding through the scenic Texas Hill Country. Lake Travis' clear waters, scenic surroundings and close proximity to Austin have made it one of the most popular lakes for recreational boaters.

2. Lake Amistad

Danno Wise
Located near the border town of Del Rio, Lake Amistad was formed when the Rio Grande was dammed in 1969. It's remote location is part of its charm, as are its clear, sprawling waters. Massive Lake Amistad encompasses neary 70,000 surface acres, which are shared between Mexico and the United States.

3. Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe's 21,000 acres lie just a short drive from Houston. It's quick access to the nation's fourth largest city has made it one of the busiest lakes in the state when it comes to recreational boating traffic.

4. Lake Lewisville

A favorite spot for Dallas watersport enthusiasts, Lake Lewisville offers visitors a variety of activities, including fishing, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, sailboarding, and more.

5. Canyon Lake

Formed by damming the cool, clear waters of the Guadalupe River near New Braunfels, Canyon Lake is a favorite among boaters, skiers, fishermen, jet skiers and sailors.
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