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Winter Texan Season

Thousands of Part-Time Residents Escape the Cold in Texas


As the first few cold fronts of the year have pushed through Texas, so have the first waves of Winter Texans. These annual visitors to the Lone Star State mostly hail from northern climes, so the colder the weather gets up north, the more of these “part-time” Texans make their way into the state. And, judging from the fall weather thus far, this year should be a banner one for Winter Texan tourism.

By and large the true “Winter Texan migration” begins after Thanksgiving. But, many winter visitors make their way to Texas as early as late October. Regardless of when the arrive, most Winter Texans stay through the winter and into the spring.

More and more often, however, Winter Texans are splitting their time between various regions of the state. The Gulf Coast has long been popular among Winter Texans, as have the South Texas Plains. Increasingly, Winter Texans are spending time in the Hill Country and Prairies and Lakes regions of the state. Many are splitting their time between Central Texas and the coastal regions.

For most Winter Texans, just spending a few months in warmer weather is vacation enough. However, many like to engage in outdoor activities such as birding and golfing. Fishing is also popular among the Winter Texan set. Other Winter Texans prefer to spend their time taking in the state’s many attractions and can be seen sight-seeing all over Texas.

Either way, getting their hands on Winter Texan information is always at a premium and, luckily, there are now so many visitors over the winter months that a variety of small towns cater specifically to Winter Texans, with a full slate of events and activities.

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